Alicia Kaufmann, PhD

PhD Sociology of Organisations

Tavistock levels I and II

Member of ISPSO

Associate of OPUS

Accredited Advanced Network Coach

Mujer Top 100 in Madrid



Alicia Kaufmann has a PhD in the Sociology of Organisations and her research and lecturing work has taken her around the world.
Her career started at Yale University as a visiting professor with a Fulbright Scholarship where she trained with Clayton Alderferer and David Berg and first learnt about the Tavistock Model.

Whilst on tenure at Alcala de Henares University, she published her first book on organisations, supervised by Charles Perrow and also won a second Fulbright Scholarship on Leadership at the Salzburg Seminar in 1993.

Alicia managed a research project into Old Age Homes and during this wrote the book, Management of Old Age Homes.

Alicia’s successful career as a lecturer, professor and Director of Publishing at Centro de Investigaciones Sociologicas has given her a wealth of knowledge and experience which she draws on in her work in organisational coaching.

She has published 28 books, more than 50 articles and directed several research programmes. Two of her recent publications include Woman in Management and Life Cycle and Changing Female Identities and these were the results of two sociological research projects carried out for the biggest centre of Social Research in Spain, CIS.

Alicia has also had the honour of twice being nominated in the “Mujer Top 100” in Madrid.