The Power of 360 Feedback

Become the Team Leader You Were Meant to Be

As a team leader, you should always be on the lookout for new and innovative ways to further your own skills and hone your abilities wherever possible. Not only does this improve the quality of the work that you're able to do on your own, but it helps guarantee that you're someone that people are actually willing to follow at the exact same time.

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The demands of the modern era require a modern approach to feedback, which is a large part of the reason why the 360 Feedback services from Centro Coaching are so critical.

Team Leadership the 360 Feedback Way

At its core, 360 Feedback is about a lot more than just soliciting feedback from those around you in the workplace. By gathering totally objective, totally independent feedback from managers, subordinates, peers and other employees, it allows you to take a much more holistic view of your abilities than ever before. 360 Feedback allows you to laser focus your efforts, cutting away all the noise to get right to the heart of the issues that matter most to your career, to your progress and to your future.

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Built on the solid foundation of the EQi-360 emotional intelligence framework, the 360 Feedback services offered by Centro Coaching allow you to go beyond traditional annual performance reviews, unlocking benefits like the following:

  1. You get a much better, more well-rounded look into the "bigger picture" than ever before.

  2. 360 Feedback involves diving deep into the opinions and the concerns of a wide array of sources, offering insight that is much more holistic and honest that simple performance evaluations or direct reports could provide.

  3. Your employees have opinions and now you get to hear about them - end of story.

  4. They're more likely to be honest because they can give their feedback without the fear of retribution - everything is objective and anonymous.

  5. You also get to take a more forward-thinking approach to your own criticism and ongoing development.

  6. You get to see not only what your true strengths and weaknesses really are, but you can also see how they align with your own career goals and objectives.

  7. This insight can be used to further your development, bettering your skills (and the quality of your work) today, tomorrow and beyond.

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With 360 Feedback, the process begins by first having you rate yourself. Then, the other individuals (managers, employees, etc.) will rate you on the same scale as the self report. Everything will be covered in your one-to-one confidential session with Centro Coaching representative, guaranteeing that you get a complete picture into what you're doing well... and where you could use improvement.

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With a much deeper, more constructive, more holistic approach to criticism and leadership development, 360 Feedback can help make sure that this is one situation you do NOT find yourself in. To find out more information about the true power of 360 Feedback, or to get other answers to all of your critical questions, please don't delay - contact Centro Coaching today.