Organisational Diagnosis

Organisations are like living creatures. They are born, then grow, change, and have their own culture. Sometimes organisations get stuck with challenges and show symptoms of ineffectiveness. This is more common than one can imagine.


To properly address organisational difficulties or dilemmas, it is necessary to focus directly on the forces that produce symptoms of organisational ineffectiveness and shape an organisational capacity to cope with critical challenges.

This is the role of Organisational Diagnosis, the first stage of an Organisational Development Programme.

Through diagnosis and assessment we are able to support your organisation in making the right steps toward development and change. With our approach, through interviews, organisational observations, surveys, and group work, we are able to help you understand what needs changing and how. Centro Coaching approach to Organisational Diagnosis reflects the changing nature of the workplace including organisational decline, life-cycle transitions, gendering, workforce diversity, flatter hierarchies, networks, and new technologies.