With this solution you take the MBTI® questionnaire to discover your personality type and the results are delivered through a complementary session of one hour and a half hour via Skype or at our premises. Learn more about MBTI®



This solution allows you to take your MBTI® personality type and discover your personality with a further exploration of the gifts and possible pitfalls that your personality brings in your life, your relations and in the workplace with teams and individuals.

Exploration includes a comprehensive two and a half hours session during which you will discover your strengths and start your journey into self-development.

Learn more about MBTI®



This solution is the more in-depth inquiry into your personality. You will start with the discovery journey and take the MBTI® assessment to find out your personality type.

We then will work together, face to face or via Skype, starting with a 2 hours session to explore your personality and how it provides you with valuable strengths. We will also look more profoundly into your pitfalls and how they might impact your day to day life, your career, and personal relations.

Together we will start working on areas of improvements that are true to you and important for your own development. This can span from learning how to be more assertive, confident, how to relate to others differently, to how to get things done on time and get the career that suits the real YOU.

The Development journey includes four sessions of two hours coaching during which we will establish your goals and work on your self development.  The results on this journey will have a great impact. 

Learn more about MBTI®