Executive Coaching

Our distinctive approach to coaching means that we work with the individual but always have in mind that we are part of larger systems, eg an organisation, community, society. So we explore with the client what is occurring at the interface between them and their professional environment.

We coach executives in many areas including: Health (NHS); Public Protection (police, army, probation service, prisons); Arts & Culture; Social Enterprise (voluntary sector); Banking; Retail, Local and Central Government etc.



Both organisations and the individual coachees benefit from this coaching through:

  • Improved strategic thinking;
  • More effective management based on understanding people as individuals, as members of groups, organisations and the wider society; and
  • An increased capacity to lead and manage in rapidly changing and uncertain environments.
  • Through the executive coaching relationship, the client builds their capacity to relate to the complex systems they encounter and to understand the part they play in these, that is, how what they do and say affects these systems.

What we offer

  • Provide regular space to consider how the client approaches taking up their role, whether this is new or developing;
  • Enable the client to develop their capacity for leadership and the exercise of authority in that role;
  • Help them develop resilience in role and manage the psychological processes of occupying a senior executive role;
  • Provide expert input to enable them to think about the ‘below the surface’ issues in the organization;
  • Develop their awareness of the whole system dynamics and their role on the boundaries;
  • Enable them to identify further learning and development needs
  • Assessment and Testing: our coaches are able to support the coaching process by using: Psychological and personality assessment to identify how accumulated attitudes, behaviours and internalised feelings impact on willingness and capability to engage in change and development;
  • A range of 360° evaluation and feedback tools to ground, contextualize and round-off the coaching process, including Emotional Intelligence EQi™and EQi-360™. Both of these tools are based on rigorous research integrating frameworks from psychology and leadership theory.