Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.
— Sigmund Freud

Unconscious Bias Training


We believe that our unconscious life heavily influence how we make decisions, view, and evaluate others. Our unconscious life stems from our early life experiences and it is when we are informed by these experiences, that we are lead into nonobjective and unconsciously biased decisions.

An unconscious bias is an unconscious belief and attitude that go beyond our conscious perceptions of ourselves and others. Whether we accept it or not, we tend to like people that look like us, think like us and come from a similar background to our own.

Our unconscious bias training courses are engaging, and experiential with many exercises to develop attendees’ ability and confidence to take practical steps to work more inclusively, and so reduce instances of unwanted behaviour.

We introduce a framework that is underpinned by psychoanalysis and neuroscience to practically identify steps that individuals can take to address biases.

We address different areas of any business that are vulnerable to unconscious bias such as:

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Performance reviews and appraisals

  • Promotions, acting up opportunities and fast-tracking

  • Selecting a project team

  • Decision making and governance

  • Supplier procurement.



We can adapt our unconscious bias training to fulfill your requirements and have devised an half a day training introducing the main theory as well as give some practical example and exercises for participants to start learning about their own biases.


one day training

The following training is more comprehensive and participants benefits from more practice and exercises to identify and address their unconscious bias. 

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You can also attend one of our lunch and learn presentation or request one at your premises if you are interested in understanding how unconscious bias might affect your decision making process or other areas of your business.