Many questions arise when we talk about women in organisations.

  1. Why, after so many years of struggles, are there still so few women at the top?
  2. Why do they compete, but not cooperate?
  3. Why do so many women give up when they are near the top?
  4. Why are they fearful of negotiating for themselves?

We keep asking ourselves why these things happen again and again. What is often missing is to pause and to be able to look at the fuller picture to better understand. The picture that includes our own journey to where we are, our own achievements, our own ambitions, where we want to be and how we promote or limit ourselves and discover where these limitations come from.

We shall look for explanations both on and under the surface

This Leadership Programme is for women to:

  1. Realize your unique competencies, and help you take ownership of your career and life to reflect on how you bond and take your authority
  2. Encourage your relational skills
  3. Transcend the meritocracy and become visible to jump to the top management and support your promotion
  4. Look for explanations “above and below the surface” from the family system to the professional life, which will be the key pieces to develop your own personal career development plan

After our succesful opening of the programme at the University of Gibraltar we also participated to the Viewpoint programme on GBC about Women and Leadership.


Some of the feedback received:

"Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Very inclusive and trainers clearly provided a 'safe' space for all participants. It was an opportunity for personal and professional introspection which is not often possible in the workplace."
"Great pace, interaction, clarity and delivery"
"Time allowance to discuss and explore areas together with the sections on exploring ones inner self and journey in life, how our parents / siblings have impacted who we are today and the way we see ourselves" - Manager at NatWest Bank